Building Virtual Worlds – Super Crush Brothers (2013)

2 player competitive and collaborative Halloween-themed game for Leap motion.

Platform: Leap Motion
Timespan: 1 weeks (October 2013)
Role: Co-producer and 2D artist
Team: Yue “Alex” Hu, Christina Tarn, Rui Trindade, Hwang Youn Kim and Paulo Bala

For the third assignment in the Building Virtual Worlds course, the five person team had one week to create a virtual world focused on “FUN!”.  Using the leap motion in one week, the team created a four stage adventure game with a strong narrative.

Two retired rival superheroes (who happen to be twins) are brought together to save Halloween and defeat the deadly mutant pumpkins. Each guest is attributed a hero, one has a giant right hand and the other has a giant left hand; the giant hand represents the hand that the guest is using to control the characters,  In the first two stages, the guest moves the hand sideways to control movement and wave their hands to control speed in a “Subway Surfer”-like setting. In the third stage, guests aim and squeeze to crush giant pumpkins trying to attack them. Until this point, the game has been competitive, having the guest rack up points and one of them is chosen as a winner. For the fourth stage, the boss stage, the superhero brohers have to collaborate and defeat the Pumpkin King by using a punching motion.

For this world my responsibilities included co-production (scheduling and product management) and art (cinematics inspired by Saul Bass artwork, instruction screens and skybox creation).