Building Virtual Worlds – Ice Couple (2013)

Stealth 2D Game about a polar bear trying to reach her penguin lover and accidentally sparking a World War.

Platform: Kinect
Timespan: 3 weeks (November 2013)
Role: 2D artist
Team: Zinc Ning, Bing Liu,  Xianting Li, Ziyu “Judy” Zhu, Jerry Chen and Paulo Bala

The fourth assignment in Building Virtual Worlds course is Story Round, where a team has to develop a user experience with a strong narrative backbone. Considering the background of the team, we created a stealth game mixing 2D and 3D elements, over a period of 3 weeks.

A polar bear gets separated from her penguin lover and sent to to the north pole, while the penguin gets sent to the south pole. A chance encounter with a Russian war submarine leads for the polar bear to concoct a plan to travel around the world, sparking a World War between America and Russia. In the first stage, the guest controls the polar bear (through Kinect tracking) in the russian submarine, avoiding soldiers by hiding in unlit areas or under crates. In the second stage of the game, after the missile has been fired, the guest controls the missile (that the polar bear is ridding) to the south pole, avoiding the american counter-missiles. The experience possesses several cut-scenes to support the outlandish funny story.

For this world my main responsibility was art (2D vector submarine level design).