Building Virtual Worlds – Bunnies on Fire (2013)

Firefighting virtual reality game.

Platform: Oculus Rift and PS Move
Timespan: 2 weeks (October 2013)
Role: Co-producer and 2D artist
Team: Mingxun “CMX” Chong, Yu “Fiona” Jiayue, Wei Guo, John Shields and Paulo Bala

For the second assignment in the Building Virtual Worlds course, the team needed to create a immersive experience aimed at naive guests (aged from 7 to 7o years old and with limited game experience) in 2 weeks. After brainstorming, the team decided to create “Bunnies on Fire”, a virtual reality game where the guest played as Fiona, a child who dreams that her stuffed animals have come to life and are in danger of being burned by the evil barbecue. The Oculus VR was used as a display device while the PS Move simulated the firehose that the guest used to extinguish the bunnies on fire and combat the evil barbecue. The functional similarities between a PS Move and a water hose trigger was crucial to allow the naive guest to explore the world (during the live presentation, the naive guest, an elderly woman succeed in exploring the world).

For this world my responsibilities included co-production (scheduling and product management) and art (cinematics based on concept art by Yu “Fiona” Jiayue, instruction screens and skybox creation).