Building Virtual Worlds – R1 (2013)

Modelled by  Bo Hsuan Chang

Modelled by Bo Hsuan Chang

Platform/Puzzle collaboration game between two people: one controlling the bigger robot with the Kinect and one controlling the smaller robot with keyboard input.

Platform: Kinect
Timespan: 2 weeks (September 2013)
Role: Producer, programmer and 2D artist
Team: Eric Chang, Ratchpak “Dome” Pongmongkol, Bo Hsuan Chang,  Sai Shashank and Paulo Bala

In the sequence of the Building Virtual Worlds course at the Entertainment Technology Center, the first assignment involved creating a game experience where the guest helped a weaker character achieve a goal, from brainstorming to rapid-prototyping and implementation.

R1 is a Platform/Puzzle collaboration game set in the future. One guest is R1, a small repair robot who has been scheduled for disassembly. The other guest is CM-X (aka Construction Machine 10), a big worker robot who tries to save his best friend. R1 is controlled through keyboard input while CM-X is controlled through Kinect tracking.
The game follows traditional 2D platform design but builds upon it my making it a collaborative puzzle game. CM-X is required to place his hands in order to create bridges, platforms and hit buttons, in order for the R1 character to escape the factory. The choice of which hand to do an action resonates as some parts of the level can only be solved by a correct hand sequence. This world was selected to go the jury session of the BVW festival.

My responsibilities in this project included production (scheduling and product management), programming (support programmer and co-designer of game mechanics) and art (2D illustrations based on concept art by Bo Hsuan Chang and 2D illustrations for game instructions).