Visual Story – Transmedia (2013)

Timespan: 3 weeks (October 2013)
Team: John Shields, Yu “Fiona” Jiayue, Jimin Song and Paulo Bala

For the third assignment in Visual Story course, students needed to create a nonlinear interactive story using at least two methods of delivery.

For this assignment, we created a romantic comedy involving three fictitious characters: James Song, Dante Yu and Honey Tea. The two males characters competed for the affection of the female roomate in a 2 player flash game designed to be re-playable and with different outcomes each time. Along side the main website, we created fake Facebook profiles for each of the characters, so they could interact with each other and with the audience. In the main website, we used the introduction video below with popcorn.js, a javascript library for linking video to events, to offer more information about the story.