Dreamscope (2014)


Platform: Mobile (Android and IOS; built in Unity 3D using the Durovis SDK and Vuforia SDK)
Timespan:  3 months (July – September 2014)
Role: Programmer and experience designer
Team: Valentina Nisi, Julian Hanna, Mara Dionisio, Rui Trindade,  Paulo Bala

During the summer 2014, I worked as a programmer and experience designer for the Future Fabulators @ M-ITI,  on two interactive VR experiences shown on the Lucid Peninsula exhibitions on Hainburg, Austria and Cluj, Romania, in collaboration with FoAM, AltArt and Time’s Up. Both experiences explored a future scenario, made by FoAm and Time’s Up in June 2014, of a world populated with metaphorical beings and where environmental living conditions radically changed. Dreamscope was also chosen to be part of the ACM Creativity and Cognition 2015 Art Exhibition.

Dreamscope: Viewer

The DreamScope Viewer  enables the audience to peek into the lucid peninsula by showing a 180 degrees view of the outside panorama, as if they are looking outside the window of the hotel room, complementing the physical narrative imposed by FoAm and Time’s Up. The 3D world depicts a desert-like landscape with an orange sky (completed with a large and reddish sun) and simulates the landscape outside the hotel, highlighting buildings that the player can explore in the city. Visitors are able to zoom in and out to some of the buildings in the landscape, in order to catch more details of the structure, and to learn more information about this future environment (temperature, radiation and visibility conditions). Built in Unity 3D, the Viewer explores the use of Google Cardboard in digital narratives by using the Durovis SDK.

Dreamscope: Catcher

The DreamScope Catcher enables the user to peek into the dreams and reality of the inhabitants of the lucid peninsula. On locations spread out trough the city, users can find and scan markers that open up explorable 3D scenarios of the lucid peninsula. By tapping on these 3D worlds, the users poke holes in the reality and are able to see the dream of the inhabitant, a dream of what the world used to be. This retrospect is accompanied by an audio narrative, triggered by the exploration of the world.

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