Levada Story (2014)

Platform: Video, Web
Timespan: 4 months (September – December 2014)
Role:  Programmer, Concept Artist
Team: Luís Ferreira, Rui Trindade, Rui Rela, Sandra Câmara and Paulo Bala

“Levada Story” is a safety campaign created by team Firecrest for the Civil Protection of Madeira, over a semester in my Masters of Entertainment Technology.

In Madeira, every year, thousand of tourists walk along levadas, old irrigation channels that have been converted to footpaths. Levadas have become one of the most recognisable features of Madeira for tourists. However, due to a multitude of factors, accidents in levadas tarnish the reputation of Madeira and put in danger the island’s main economic sector, tourism. With the goal of reducing the number of accidents in levadas, the Civil Protection of Madeira approached us to research and design an experience that raises the awareness of tourists and locals to the dangers and precautions related to levadas.

Team Firecrest developed a short video to be shown online and offline (hotels, airports, television, etc.), mixing the lush visuals of Madeira’s levadas with a 3D character exploring and learning about levadas. As a companion experience, we also developed a interactive video in the style of traditional “Point and click” adventures, that allows the user to explore several scenarios and use their knowledge of dangers and precautions to advance in the story. To solidify the experience, we also made a website and pamphlets for distribution, with common and useful information to possess before adventuring into one of Madeira’s many walk paths.

Find out more by visiting the official website.