Planet Voltage (2014)

Platform: Leap Motion
Timespan: 4 months (February – May 2014)
Role: Project Manager, Technical Lead
Team: Dome Pongmongkol, Luís Ferreira, Rui Trindade and Paulo Bala

“Planet Voltage” is educational game/interactive installation created by team FuseBox for Museu Casa da Luz, a science museum in Funchal, over a semester in my Masters of Entertainment Technology.

Museum Casa da Luz (portuguese for House of Light) is a Science Museum in a converted inactive power-plant in downtown Funchal. Operated and maintained by Electricidade da Madeira, the museum showcases the history of electricity in Madeira through its antique machinery and artefacts. Frequented mostly by tourist and students, the museum pays special attention to the production and dispatching infrastructure and renewable energy opportunities in Madeira.

Given the goal to motivate changes in energy consumption habits in children, we created an interactive story-based game with Leap Motion. The game focuses on the museum’s mascot, Max, who is faced with a blackout in the island of Madeira. He had already predicted this and uses a spacecraft he built to travel to a planet full of energy producing animals. He then collects all the energy he can, and brings it back to Madeira so he can light up the island again. This game/experience promotes good energy consumption habits through three mini-games and a comicbook, that the player can take home.

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