Art History Information Visualization (2014)

Interactive Information Visualization Mockup for a Museum Experience

Timespan: < 1 week (January 2014)
Role: Experience Design, Other
Team: Rui Marçalo, Maria Cabral, Chrys Francisco and Paulo Bala

This project was done as part of a one week workshop in Information Visualization, taught by Robert Spence, in the University of Madeira. The goal of this workshop is to create compelling and clear information visualizations trough a team project.

Focusing on Art History, the team decided to create a novel museum experience that gives visitors information about the paintings, artists and art movements/periods. Without technical restrictions and encouraged to think of future technologies, we chose a organic user interface as the input and output device. After a process of brainstorming and research, we sketched several user interfaces and information visualization graphics and settled on the high fidelity mockup. In this mockup, the user can hold up the interface to a painting, get information (name, artist, period, etc.) and compare different paintings according to year, color palette, location (of origin and of exhibition) and brush (the material of interface would simulate the brush strokes of the paintings, allowing users to physically touch the painting). For the project we also made a scale up plan on how the interface could be expanded to offer a more complete experience.