Blending (2015)

Blending from PRISM on Vimeo.

Platform: Video
Timespan: 4 months (January – May 2015)
Role: Texture Artist, Concept Artist, Rendering and Lighting
Team: Marco Vieira, Ingrid Ecker, Rui Trindade, Sandra Câmara and Paulo Bala

“Blending” is a 3D animated short developed as Capstone Project for the Spring semester of 2015 in my Masters of Entertainment Technology.

We wanted to create an experience that depicted a problem that is present in our society for a long time – discrimination, and with it, self-acceptance. To achieve the desire visual style, we used non-photorealistic rendering in order to create the feeling of a living painting. To facilitate the animation’s production, we used facial tracking to quickly add expressions to the character.